Equipment Checklist

You will find incredible value from this course with whatever type of camera you have to hand... as our Photography Fundamentals will improve your photography across the board.

However I can recommend that the following items will help you achieve even better photos through the course:

  • DSLR or  Camera on which you can manually adjust the Shutter Speed and Aperture Settings
  • The 50mm 1.8 'Nift Fifty' Lens
  • Tripod.  Any tripod whether large or small, that you can sit your camera on will help in some of our challenges.
  • An external card reader. (These cost about $10-$15 from online or an electrical store)

Not Sure Which Camera to Buy?

700D Image

The Nifty Fifty - 50mm Lens

canon 50mm lens

Editing Software

Below are some quick introductions to simple editing software that you can use throughout the course.  It'd be a great idea to have a play and see which feels like a good match before we start course. An editing program is not essential, however having a program that can help you crop images, create simple collages will be handy for the course.

Screen shot 2013-12-20 at 12.35.38 PM

An intro to using Picmonkey to edit your photos online


Screen shot 2013-12-20 at 3.44.51 PM

An overview of Adobe Lightroom Functionality


Start ‘Seeing’ Images

This is our 'First Step' in starting to take better photos!  Seeing how images come together, what makes them strong, what appeals to you, and starting to ask 'Why' provides the seed that we need to start improving our own photos! Watch the video above and consider these points below so that we can kick off on this Photography Journey and start enjoying and creating beautiful  imagery!

- Look at images around you

- Media, Advertising, Film & Tv shot in beautiful locations

- What is it that captures your attention?

- What do you love?

- How is the image put together to make you feel that way?

- Have fun, shoot lots, try new things and we'll see you very soon!